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What should I change to my eCommerce to make more revenue or generate more traffic?

What should I change to my eCommerce to make more revenue or generate more traffic? 

On client question, there are some things I have noticed on many sites.

Many of website is actually looking very long to load. at some point, I also suspect that this was my internet connection. Please know why this is happening

The constant pop-up of “someone bought something” is troubling and I think that I am being sold for a warm welcome

On product details, not only tell me design specifications of the products, because I do not understand half of this, write more about these products and buy them.

a website has more than one review type option. that type of site is confused and a very busy.

website does not have a blog post section . With the experience of traffic, with experience, I have realized how much time you spend on your website, installing new applications, changing color schemes … etc.

In addition to social media ads, make sure you are checking for excellent customer service, timely responses and treat your customers well. Plus, they are surprised with thank you cards within your shipping box and always know how they feel about the product. This will be extra privatization in receiving referral marketing.

Also, write a few blog posts once a month, share them with your target audience, post on WhatsApp and facebook groups.

I hope things get better after these little changes.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

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